Our Wall of Fame

Over the years EFR has invited some of the world’s most prominent business and industry leaders to the campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. With numerous CEO’s and even Heads of State invited, the association hopes to add to the relevant conversations of the time in student life.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen Secretary General of NATO 2009-2014 Received the World Leader Cycle award in 2010.

His leadership as secretary general of NATO serves as an inspiration to all students. His time as secretary general is characterized by decisiveness and acknowledgeable changes in NATO-strategy, which is reflected in the way NATO is currently dealing with the situation in Libya.
Andrius Kubilius Prime Minister of Lithuania 1999-2000 and 2008-2012 Received the World Leader Cycle award in 2012.

During the housing bubble Mr Kubilius prevented the country from going bankrupt and without the help of the IMF programme, unlike many other countries. Mr Kubilius had to take far-reaching austerity measures. He had to severely cut public spending and raise taxes to prevent Lithuania from bankruptcy. He did not forget his own salary; he took a pay cut of 45%.
François Hollande President of France 2012 - 2017 Received the World Leader Cycle award in 2018.

Hollande began his political career as a special advisor to newly elected President François Mitterrand, before serving as a staffer for Max Gallo, the government's spokesman. After becoming a member of the national assembly, he became first secretary of the socialist party in 1997.
Jakob Kellenberger President of the International Committee of the Red Cross 2000-2012 Received the World Leader Cycle award in 2011.

The Red Cross has saved the lives of many people, and brings back hope to those who lost everything. The outstanding achievements of the Red Cross, during Jakob Kellenbergers time as President, serves as a great source of inspiration to the students of this university.
Herman van Rompuy President of the European Union 2009-2014 Received the World Leader Cycle award in 2012.

The award was granted for his outstanding achievements as the former Belgian Prime Minister and Treasury Secretary. We admire the way he dealt with the budgetary deficit and how he brought calmness within the Belgian politics. He faced challenges when he was the first President of the European Council, like the the financial crisis and the unification of Europe. Dealing with so many different political interests is an outstanding performance and requires a strong leader.
Mr. Ban Ki-Moon Secretary-General of the United Nations 2007-2016 Received the World Leader Cycle award in 2016.

Being the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations gives the power to change our world. This change is visible in the fields of women’s rights, where he empowered women all around the world significantly. Furthermore, he worked hard to stabilise the political situation in several countries.