Master Career Week

Master Career Week connects the best and brightest master students to the most renowned companies. Each of our ‘bootcamps’ will introduce students to four companies in a specific area of interest. Students get to visit these companies’ offices and enjoy a luxurious dinner with all of them, so they can really get to know their respective cultures.

About Master Career Week

This November, the sixth edition of the EFR Master Career Week will take place. This exciting new recruitment event was created to connect ambitious master students to their future employers. By organising multiple bootcamps that are each focused on one specific branch, we aim to show each master student the job opportunities they have when they graduate.

The event consists of ‘branch bootcamps’ during which there will be activities that are provided by the hosting companies. Students can apply for one or more of these bootcamps, a ” branch bootcamp” is a two-day event where a selected group of students visits four companies in a specific economic sector and gets an exclusive look into these companies’ way of conducting business. During these visits, students get the chance to experience these companies’ cultures and connect with their people on a personal level. These branch bootcamps will be a blend of formal and informal activities. These branch bootcamps will also include an exclusive dinner with the participating companies, so students can find their best match.

Applying for this event is free, so if you are a motivated master student looking to find out about possible internships, traineeships or starting positions, don’t hesitate to apply for one of the bootcamps!

Key Numbers

  • 8 Bootcamps
  • 28 Companies
  • 24 Students per Bootcamp

June Committee Applications Open

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