EFR Inspiration Days

9th and 10th of April 2024

About EFR Inspiration Days

The EFR Inspiration Days is one of the most prestigious events organized by students in Europe. We aspire to be the most innovative, society-aligned event that interactively connects and inspires students from all faculties. The goal is to stimulate you to have a positive influence in your environments and become the leaders of tomorrow by showing you insights of a dynamic world from different perspectives. To meet our goal, we host an interactive congress with varying workshops and discussions relating to the theme of this year: Embrace the Future This theme is supported by three pillars: Innovation, Courage and Unity.

On 9 April 2024 we will host the Lunch Round Table at which participants can have interactive and insightful discussions with a very diverse set of leaders and pioneers from a wide range of sectors and industries.

On 10 April 2024 we will officially open the event with an opening speech. Following the opening, several inspiring workshops aligned with our pillars will be given.

Subsequently, on the interactive playground you can find several companies showcasing their products. The event will be concluded with the dynamic closing panel. This year, the closing session also includes an interactive interview with the CEO of Bunq, Ali Niknam.

This event is the successor of the well-known EFR World of Business congress.

For any questions please contact us: info@efr-inspirationdays.nl

Lunch Roundtable - Tuesday, April 9
13:00 - 16:00 | Stadion Woudestein (Excelsior)
Lunch Roundtable

The Lunch Round Table is the direct successor of the Conference Platform of the EFR Business Week. The lunch will consist of 20 prominent speakers including CEOs and founders of various companies. They will discuss topics related to the theme of the EFR Inspiration Days with 60 highly motivated students. This way the students can learn from the insights of the speakers, but also challenge themselves and present their own views on the topics.

Main Conference - Wednesday, April 10
13:30-14:15 | CB-1
Opening Session

The opening session of the EFR Inspiration Days is the plenary opening of the event. During the opening session, the opening speaker will give a speech related to the theme; Embrace the Future. The closing session will consist of a keynote speech which will be followed by a panel discussion. The debate will be led by a host and will focus on various currently relevant topics.

14:30-15:30 | CB-1, CB-3, CB-4

During the workshop sessions, students will be divided over three different rooms. In every room, one of the pillars of the main theme will be discussed. During the workshop, you will get a chance to learn about a topic from an expert in an interactive way. Each group will consist of 100 students.

15:30-16:00 | C-Hall Thiel Building

The playground is all about socializing and discovering the innovations of the future. At the playground, several innovative and creative companies and initiatives will showcase themselves or their product. This is also the chance to socialise with other students and alumni.

16:00-17:00 | CB-1
Closing Session

The event will be concluded with the dynamic closing panel consisting of industry leaders and thought leaders across countries and industries. This year, the closing session also includes an interactive interview with the CEO of Bunq, Ali Niknam.

this year's panel speakers

Jort Kelder

Join as our moderator for the panel this year is journalist, columnist, and presenter Jort Kelder. You might know from the flagship program of NPO, Op1, his radio show Dr. Kelder & Co, his weekly column in het Financieele Dagblad, or perhaps from the rather witty Snobcast. In the public eye, he's renowned as one of the sharpest moderators around, yet thankfully with a sense of humor.

Ali Niknam

Ali Niknam is a highly regarded entrepreneur known for his innovative contributions to the fintech industry. As the founder and CEO of bunq, he has demonstrated remarkable vision and leadership, driving the company to new heights of success. With a huge commitment to user-centric principles, Niknam has reshaped the banking experience.

Alexander Rinnooy Kan

Alexander Rinnooy Kan is a highly respected figure in both the academic and business realms, celebrated for his exceptional contributions to various fields. With a distinguished career spanning academia, business, and public service, Rinnooy Kan has earned widespread admiration for his visionary leadership and profound expertise.

this year's workshop speakers

Fatimazhra Belhirch

Fatimazhra Belhirch is a Dutch Senator for D66, former CEO of Foundation for Student Refugees (UAF). She embodies a resolute commitment to building a more solidary, just and equitable society on both national and international fronts. These are pillars that ensure a humane society and a society where everyone can be themselves and lead a dignified life.

Edmond Fokker

Edmond Fokker, autodidact, violinist, family-member of the Fokker aircraft-family, performed in 2019 in Amsterdam’s Royal Concerthall and two weeks later in Carnegie Hall in a tribute to Niccolo Paganini. He plays all around the world, in interesting and unusual places, for amazing people, from Royal courts to warzones.

EFR Wall of Fame

Over the years EFR has invited some of the world’s most prominent business and industry leaders to the campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam for Insipiration Days and it’s predecessor the EFR Business Week, check out some of them below.

Our previous speakers