EFRxESE iBuddy Program

Each year, Erasmus School of Economics welcomes new IBEB students like you from all over the world. With new cultures, new people and a new environment, it can be an overwhelming start. You might have many questions about Rotterdam, housing, finances, public transport and social life yet to be answered. Would you like to receive a warm welcome to Rotterdam and have someone ready to help you answering all your questions? Together with Erasmus School of Economics, the official school association EFR offers you the chance to join the iBuddy programme: the perfect opportunity to engage with a wonderful intercultural experience by having an older IBEB student helping you out.

By joining the iBuddy programme, you will already get a glimpse of what your life will be like in Rotterdam and as an IBEB student, so do not hesitate and subscribe now on the EFR website!

To make the most of your time in the Netherlands we recommend using the International Student Services platform. Here you can on one hand get information and sign-up for services such as a bank account, insurance and mobility card, and on the other hand socialize with like minded international students and find part time jobs. Check out https://iss-holland.com, so that when you are here, you have everything in order and can focus on the fun parts of living in a new country!

Already an IBEB student and looking to help incoming students get familiar with the city of Rotterdam? Apply to join as a Mentor by selecting the following option in the form below and you will be matched to a student as their mentor.

EFR X ESE iBuddy Program

Sign up as a incoming student or mentor via this form! If there are any questions, feel free to contact the supervisor of the IBEB committee via the information below.

Kinshuk Taneja

Are you a "Incoming Student" or a "Mentor"?(Required)
Incoming Students are students who will be starting IBEB this year, Mentors are familiar with the city of Rotterdam, preferable 2nd/3rd year IBEB students who are willing to show new students around the city.