January 24, 2024

How Trump reshaped the Republican Party

By Peter Jagos

And then there was one

How Trump will become the Republican nominee

Donald J. Trump is on the edge of clinching the nomination for his party, setting the stage for what could potentially be a blockbuster rematch in the 2024 elections. As is customary before every election, there’s a thorough process involved in selecting the final nominee for each party. This process gains significant traction when the incumbent President is from the opposing party, as is the case for the GOP in 2024. The primary elections will be the battleground where they determine who will face off against President Joe Biden in the high-stakes showdown later this year.

Now, despite the challenge of 91 criminal charges looming over him in four separate indictments, Trump appears undeterred in his pursuit of the nomination. One of his main rivals, Florida governor Ron DeSantis, emerged as a potential contender who could provide the GOP with an opportunity to break free from Trump’s firm grip. On the other end of the spectrum is Nikki Haley, the ex-UN ambassador and former governor of North Carolina, the only candidate with a broader support base who didn’t hesitate to openly criticize Trump. However, as the early results from Iowa and New Hampshire begin to unfold, it becomes increasingly evident that Trump is bulldozing through his competition with formidable momentum.

Here are three reasons why Trump seems destined to be the Republican nominee for 2024:

1. No show at debates

Trump opted for a disappearing act when it came to the Republican debates. In the grand tradition of American elections, candidates, from local to nationwide, engage in televised debates, attempting to sway voters in their favor. Yet, Trump chose to sit out every single Republican debate, and his rationale was simple – he already had a substantial lead in GOP polls. Skipping the debates proved to be a smart move, as these televised events invariably centered around him, relegating other candidates to the periphery. Most contenders refrained from openly challenging him on the stage, afraid of alienating their supporters. Consequently, these debates turned into a somewhat ridiculous spectacle, where the other candidates appeared resigned to the idea of sending Trump back into the political ring unopposed.

2. MAGA fans

The cornerstone of Trump’s political fortress lies in his unwavering and fervent fanbase, commonly known as the Make America Great Again (MAGA) crowd. Trump once boldly stated that these supporters would vote for him even if he were to shoot someone on 5th Avenue. A glance at his rallies reveals that this might indeed be an understatement. Trump’s fans are not just supporters; they are enthusiasts who applaud him for virtually every action, viewing him as their singular beacon of hope for a better future.

3. Crushed his competitors

Trump has carved out a reputation for taking down his political adversaries with unparalleled flair. His trademark move involves assigning memorable nicknames to his opponents. Who could forget “Crooked Hillary” in the 2016 elections, a slogan that played a major part in his unexpected victory? In the current electoral landscape, his primary challenger, Ron DeSantis, found himself labeled “Ron DeSanctimonious.” The impact was severe, resulting in a significant decline in DeSantis’s polling numbers and his eventual exit from the race. Trump’s campaign deploys a robust strategy that relentlessly targets anyone standing in his way, a tactic instrumental that he was not afraid to use in securing his first presidential term.

The official start of the Republican primaries on January 15th in Iowa marked the beginning of the journey, where voters cast their ballots to determine the candidate who would go head-to-head with Joe Biden in November. The results were shocking, with Trump securing an insane 51% of the vote, leaving Ron DeSantis trailing at a distant 21%. Trump nearly tripled the previous record in the state, which was a win by 12 points, leading to DeSantis suspending his campaign and throw his support behind the former president. With only Nikki Haley remaining as a potential roadblock to Trump’s third consecutive nomination, the second round in New Hampshire was significant in determining who the potential winner will be, however, Trump beat Haley by a significant margin, leaving almost no hope for Haley, who announced she will continue fighting. The rest of the primaries will be exciting, nevertheless it seems like nothing can stop Donald Trump to make the 2024 elections a historical political rematch between him and President Joe Biden.