Sofie Schokking

Hi everyone!

My name is Sofie Schokking and I am the Marketing Officer of the 60th EFR board. Originally from Utrecht, I made the move to Rotterdam in 2019. In my leisure time, I like activities such as reading, swimming, painting, and spending quality moments with friends. Currently, I am pursuing a double degree in economics and business economics with philosophy.

My journey with EFR started with tthe HighFive Committee, My most valuable experience was organising the gala on a boat. In my second year, I was the Chair of the Master Orientation Days. I really enjoyed the Port Day. Last year, I had the extraordinary experience of managing the trip for the Involve Consultancy Project, collaborating with Barefoot College International in Zanzibar.

As the Marketing Officer, my primary responsibility is to uphold and cultivate the EFR brand identity. This involves ensuring that EFR’s image remains in sync with current trends and the prevailing zeitgeist. I craft strategic marketing plans aimed at setting EFR apart from other associations. I relish every chance to unleash my creativity through tools like Adobe, Canva and other programs. I am supervisor of the Marketing Committee and together with the Marketing Officers from Erasmus Recruitment and the EFR Master Career Week I brainstorm about their marketing strategies.

This year, I have the privilege of serving as the trustperson for EFR. I’m here to support and discuss any concerns you may have. Additionally, I take on the role of supervising the Wellbeing Committee. Our mission is to enhance the mental well-being of all EUR students and foster open conversations about well-being.

In addition to my role in the back office, I also serve as the supervisor of Women in Business. I believe it’s crucial to tackle the underrepresentation of females in specific positions within the private sector. I am deeply committed to advocating for women’s empowerment. Furthermore, I take on the role of supervisor for the Eurekaweek committee. This vibrant introduction week holds a special place in my heart. It’s a time of excitement, discovery, and connection, and I am eager to participate in this pivotal phase of our students’ academic journey.

If you have any questions or want to know more about my position or about EFR, don’t hesitate to contact met or come by our office for a cup of coffee!

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Sofie Schokking

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