Hugo Speelman

Hi! I’m Hugo Speelman, 22 years old, and currently the Bachelor Officer on the 60th EFR Board. I’m from a small, nice village near Rotterdam called Waddinxveen. Three years ago, I moved to Rotterdam to study economics and business economics. This year, while being part of the EFR board, I’m planning to finish my studies.

Outside of my board duties, I’m all about playing squash, skiing, hanging out with friends, and traveling. My journey with EFR began with a skiing trip two years ago. I didn’t know anyone at first, but that trip really changed things for me and I made some unforgettable memories. I got involved in a few events afterward and just couldn’t stay away. Last year, I was part of the inspiration days committee, where I learned a lot about managing time and organizing large events. It’s been an amazing two years, making friends and learning a lot.

As the Bachelor Officer, my main job is to oversee six committees. We organize trips and events for bachelor students, like MUN Rotterdam, ski trips, and study trips. The biggest event I’m overseeing this year is the national election debate, which I’m doing with the activities committee. I’m also in charge of the EFR booksale and summaries.

I’m really looking forward to working with all the committee members and the rest of the board to put together some great events. If you want to know more about what I do every week or just about being on the EFR board, let’s meet up for a coffee and chat about it.

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Hugo Speelman

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