Hidde Kroese

Hello! My name is Hidde Kroese and I am 22 years old. This year I am active as the commercial officer of the 60th EFR board. This summer, I finished my International Bachelor in Economics and Business Economics. Before moving to Rotterdam, I grew up in Nijmegen, a beautiful city that I still visit a lot since my parents still live there. During my studies, I have been active in some extracurriculars, that have taught me more than my study to be honest. I am currently in my third year of being a teaching assistant of several bachelor courses as a parttime job next to my fulltime board year. Secondly, I have been active at De Kleine Consultant. Finally, I have been a committee member of several EFR committees.

My journey at EFR started with the ski trip committee. Here I made my first EFR-friends, that I still see on a regular basis. We organised an amazing ski trip to Risoul, France. Later that year I joined the data consulting committee, where we had the task of optimising the online reach of EFR, using data analysis, such as A/B testing. Finally, I joined the commercial committee, where I got a taste of how fun it is to be in close contact with several companies in different sectors. Here, I learnt how to cold call and negotiate.

As a commercial officer, I am the ‘face’ of EFR towards companies. It is my goal to make sure that great companies from all types of sectors join or sponsor the EFR events. Companies also contact me to get exposure of their own events through EFR. I am also supervising the five commercials of the Erasmus Recruitment Board and the Master Career Week committee.

If you want to learn more about my weekly tasks and responsibilities and how it is to be in the EFR board in general, feel free to reach out and I’ll get you a coffee!


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Hidde Kroese


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