Guy Povel

Hi everyone! I am Guy and I am the Treasurer of the 60th board. As the treasurer, I am responsible for all the associations finances. Supervising the entire EFR budget is one of the biggest responsibilities. This is made at the beginning of the year according to EFR’s long-term policy. Throughout the year I monitor and change the budget according to new expectations of costs and revenues.

Furthermore, I am involved with all corners of the association. I supervise the finances of the flagship projects of EFR; Erasmus Recruitment Days and the Master Career Week. In addition, I supervise all the treasurers from the other committees. Being connected to the entire association makes the work rewarding and means that I am involved in the long- and short-term projects of EFR.

Moreover, I take care of the financial administration of EFR. This means that I make sure all payments are paid on time, taxes are done, debtors pay and that everything that is spend is authorized.

After I finished my IBEB bachelor, I was ready for a new challenge. I decided to do the board because of the great learning curve, all the new friends and having an overall unique experience that I would remember my whole life. I am looking forward to meeting everyone, and if you want to know more or have any questions, don’t hesitate to come by for a coffee or beer!

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