Are you ready for the challenge?

EFR is looking for it's 61st Board!

Interested in what it’s like to serve on the board of EFR?

Read our information brochure and find out everything you need to know!

You’ll be in charge of an association with over 7000 members together with eight others. During the year you’ll supervise 32 committees, enjoy trainings from companies and organise the biggest speaker and career events on campus. Being a board member at EFR will not only help develop your professional skills, it will also give you a group of friends for life.

A short summary, during a board year at EFR you will: develop yourself on a personal and professional level; expand your network within EFR, at the university and with companies; enjoy all the best things student life has to offer.

For more information; send an email to or text/call a board member to schedule a coffee; you can find their phone numbers in the information brochure.

Past EFR Boards

Being a board member at EFR means you will automatically become part of a closely knit network of former board members. Together you will go to dinners, pubcrawls and they will help you with your duties as a current board member.

View our previous boards